You are what you eat. A kosher diet nourishes Jewish spiritual health!

From the grocery store, to the kitchen, to the restaurant, let’s study the issues and make them practical. The rabbi is available for Kashrut related questions and assistance with koshering utensils and the kitchen. Please contact us.

Mezuzah – the Jewish Security System. A Mezuzah on your doorway brings G-d’s blessings & protection upon your home and business. Install one today!

A Mezuzah is more than just an artistic cover. A Mezuzah is a holy scroll written by a rabbinically trained scribe called a Sofer. He expertly inscribes two paragraphs from the Torah – the first two paragraphs of the Shema – on a parchment scroll. The scroll is then covered for protection and affixed to the doorway as prescribed by Jewish law.

Tefillin are the crown of the Jewish people! They are worn by Jewish males from Bar Mitzvah age onward.

This is a mitzvah held dear to our nation throughout the generations. Tefillin are so connected to our very existence that during the Holocaust in the concentration camps, a number of Jews risked their lives to smuggle in Tefillin and dawn them in secrecy.

Like a Mezuzah, Tefillin must be written and prepared by a rabbinically trained scribe – Sofer – in the specific manner prescribed by the Torah.

Please contact us for the opportunity to dawn Tefillin or for assistance in purchasing a Kosher pair of Tefillin for yourself or a family member. We can also check your Tefillin to assure that they are (still) Kosher.

The Jewish people have always been People of the Book!

Would you like to gain more appreciation for your Judaism?

We offer a wide variety of classes. Whether it’s Challah baking, Jewish history, Parsha study, Talmud or Jewish mysticism, we have something for you.

Our unique style of teaching is sure to keep everyone engaged and interested. Questions and class discussion are highly encouraged.

Join us for a class and Judaism will become more meaningful to you!

How is your Hebrew reading?

Did you learn to read Hebrew in Hebrew school and wish you were still fluent? Or perhaps you didn’t learn it when you were younger? Well, we have the solution for you.

Presenting Hebrew reading 2.0! It’s never too late! We teach & polish Hebrew reading at all ages. We offer tutoring and groups lessons, whatever suites you best. Maybe you have a friend who would like to join you.

Please contact us. It’s easier than you think!

How about some Yiddishe Nachas – Jewish pride!

Every parent takes much pride in their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. The questions is how long will it last.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is your child’s entrance into Jewish responsibility. Let’s give them the knowledge, feelings & skills they need to carry it into their future! We offer lessons that build Jewish identity & give your child the tools to give you Yiddishe Nachas at the ceremony and for many years to come.

Please contact us today and kvell with Jewish pride for years!